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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an institutional repository?

An institutional repository is an online archive that provides open access to the scholarly output of any given institution. Digital Case serves as Case Western Reserve University’s institutional repository. It includes digitized collection materials from University Archives and Special Collections, research data and intellectual output of faculty, staff, and students.

Why should I deposit my content with you?

Digital Case makes your scholarship easily accessible and available online, enabling increased access to the CWRU community and beyond. The repository is indexed, allowing your work to be discovered via online search engines (i.e. Google). All digital objects in the repository will be given a persistent URL (called a Handle), ensuring long-term online access to your work. This also allows researchers to cite your work without concern that the object will be taken offline.

Kelvin Smith Library assumes an active role in electronically storing, archiving, copying and/or converting your digital content for preservation purposes. All objects are stored and managed as part of CWRU’s technology infrastructure.

What type of content can I deposit?

For information about technical and content specifications for ingest, please review our collections management policy.

Can I download objects from the repository?

Yes, all objects in Digital Case are available for download at no-cost.